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Nell-e is an exceptional teacher who radiates light and positivity in every class. Whenever I participate in his sessions, my focus and energy shift remarkably. My entire body feels the difference! Each class with Nell-e is a revelation, as I find myself able to accomplish new feats in yoga that I previously thought impossible for myself! Throughout my strengthening journey, Nell-e has provided invaluable guidance. His expertise has helped me achieve clarity and confidence in both my movements and breathing techniques. What sets Nell-e apart is his unique combination of teaching prowess and sound/musical talent. His integration of music into his yoga classes elevates the experience to an entirely new level. If you seek a transformative yoga experience that will challenge and uplift you, I highly recommend Nell-e's classes. His teaching is unparalleled, and his impact on your practice will be profound.
Joyce Yanquiling (California)