Mindfulness With Yoga
Explore the benefits of engaged Yoga practice in your everyday life and experience peace and calm through your mindful relationship with your movement and breath.
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Nell-e’s Philosophy
I believe in the kind nature of all beings in this world. I remind myself of this and I’d like to remind the world of our true compassionate nature. In order to continue doing this, one must continue to grow by connecting inwardly and then outwardly, educate and equip oneself with only the vital information to understand the roots of our existence, and finally, maintain the humble qualities of a beginner always eager to listen and learn as if they will live forever.
Engaged Yoga
Yoga is science in itself. It is not bound to any belief systems or religion. Yoga allows us to come back to our true nature and celebrate our nature with movement, breath, concentration, meditation, mindfulness and awakening.

Yoga is connecting, uniting which is already there. Yoga is remembering. We practice Yoga to become mindful of the world, grateful to the cosmos for coming together to manifest us into this realm.
Nell-e’s Trainings & Credentials
I have been practicing Yoga for over 20 years and teaching part-time. I desired to teach at a studio in Santana Row therefore I decided to take a 200 Hour training at the same studio. I did not realize the passion that I have ignited that subsequently I went to the Sacred Valley in Peru to complete my 300 Hour Trauma-Informed Yoga and Ayurveda Certifications. I currently teach as a Lead Facilitator for the same 300 Hr program .
Beginner Yoga
Nāda Yoga
"As someone who has been practicing yoga for 15 years, Nell-e is one of my favorite yoga instructors. Nell-e creates yoga practices that carry a calming, grounding, and empowering energy to them. He leverages carefully curated music to accompany the sequence of his classes; I have found the music to perfectly correspond with when I need to focus most deeply, need an energy boost, or slow down and find my heartbeat again. Nell-e brings authenticity to his yoga practice through vulnerability when he shares mantras or chants with the class and refocuses the class by recentering us on the Earth’s five elements. I always leave his classes feeling that I have grown by being guided to stay mindful of my breath, pushed to make mindful adjustments to my form, and substantially more relaxed from when I started the class!"
Helen Mueller (California)