Heal with Reiki
As we come into greater contact with our innate wisdom, our own healing hands, harnessing the subtle energy that surrounds and lives within us, we live in a harmony that is uniquely our own.
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Healing Energy
Reiki, facilitated through the healing hands, helps us open up to the ever present flow of life force energy within us. Every aspect of our being has intelligence - each cell, organ, muscle, endocrine, etc. The practice of Reiki is a loving embrace that holds and supports us so we can return to our unique expression of harmony which is calm and mindful awareness.
benefits of reiki
Reiki works by supporting our own natural healing in various ways including improving the immune system, stimulate detoxification of the body, relieve symptoms, improve healing and recovery times, promotes relaxation, relieves pain, induces sleep and removes unwanted bad habits.

In the Japanese tradition of the healing system, Reiki is also performed to treat psychological problems such as depression, anxiety including panic disorder, OCD and phobia, eating disorder and post-traumatic stress.
Background & Lineage
I went to Tarapoto, Peru to learn the Western practice of Reiki in the middle of the Amazon jungle. After my initiation and continued practice, I also trained under a renowned teacher in San Francisco who developed a unique, trauma-informed Reiki healing practice. After initiations on Level 1 and Level 2 under the Western practice, and after performing treatments on my family and friends, I have decided I needed more training. Hence the reason I went for another level 1 and level 2 initiation from a Japanese teacher in London, England who was very kind to teach me Jikiden Reiki, a Japanese tradition that was past along by a mother, who diligently practiced even after the World War II, to her son. Reiki is a beautiful practice powered by compassion and intention towards the good of another being,  its purity is felt through the heart, its ancient wisdom is common to all of us humans.
Traditional reiki & religion
Sensei Mikao Usui was the founder of the Usui Reiki Method for improving body and mind. Usui combined his studies of religion and spiritual practices from Christianity, Shinto and Buddhist philosophies into his practice of healing and being of service to beings who suffered.

His great compassion led to this practice, and in order to make it more efficient and adapt to the needs of the world, Sensei Mikao Usui shared this gift to others so that the world will benefit from its healing.
"Nell-e worked with His serene presence and Magic Hands on me while I was pregnant. I could feel immediately how my Baby responded happily to the Reiki Energy. During the Session, I felt Safe, Held and absolutely confident being treated by Nell-e. The Reiki didn't only have a deeply relaxing effect on me and my Baby, it also helped me to Connect with the miracle in my womb on a deeper Level. I appreciated having Nell-e's full Attention, Presence and Love. That alone has Healing qualities already. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you."
Jessy Nagel (Portugal)