The art of deep listening
Sound & vibration is capable of shifting and moving energy within the human body because of the harmonics: the overtones and undertones expanding and extending into infinity.
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Nada Yoga: Sound & Vibration
Nada Yoga is an ancient Indian metaphysical system which is equally a philosophical system, a medicine and a form of Yoga. Its theoretical and practical aspects are based on the premise that the entire cosmos and all that exists in the cosmos, consists of sound vibrations called “Nada”: union with the flow of eternal sound.
The Benefits of Sound
Accelerate the healing process, reduce stress and relief from fatigue, pain, addiction, compulsive thinking, insomnia through deep relaxation and release of endorphins.

Increased concentration, focus and attention, lower blood pressure, increased circulation, increased sleep quality, sense of calm, alleviation from anxiety, reduced symptoms of depression, liberate emotional traumas stored within the body/mind
Nelle's Sound Background
Sound and vibration had always been part of my journey. Singing and my curiosity about different musical instruments especially indigenous musical instruments are my passion ever since I was a child. I started reuniting with sound by obtaining a 20 Hour certification on Somatic Sound Therapy including vocal training from Austin, Texas and a 100 Hour Sound Ceremony certification with voice medicine from Lake Atitlan, Guatemala.
Tibetan Bowl
Chimes & Percussions
Wind & Strings
Nell-E is extremely talented and kind. I was fortunate enough to take a yoga teacher training with him and throughout the training, Nell-E was calm and grounding and constantly reassured his students in their own abilities to teach. Nell-E’s empathetic nature made the classes feel welcoming and he guided us through various meditations for deeper grounding. In addition, his yoga classes are a unique experience every time and his sound baths allow for safe introspection in healing and meditation. It has been a pleasure to learn from someone like Nell-E. I am truly grateful for the safe space that he provides.
Heidi Ortez (California)