Voice Medicine
Every single being (human being) has a unique harmonic tone, or signature harmonic frequency that is capable of healing, internally and externally. We absorb and emanate sound all the time, through our language, our behaviors, and our thoughts and emotions. Nell-e will guide you through establishing exercises to find your vocal freedom and ultimately discover the medicine of your own unique sound.
About This course
Once a week for an hour, we will expand your vocal freedom through practices of vocal techniques, spontaneous expression exercises, confidence building, and self-care tools. We will explore sound and vibration throughout the somatic being by doing practices to help open up the energetic center at your throat, become familiar with the technology that can align your voice and speech, and embrace silence. Ultimately, you will experience a transformation of your relationship to your voice, improve your vocal quality, increase your vocal range, and most of all; improve your state of harmony
What You’ll Learn
  1. Spontaneous and Easy Exercises to warm up and relieve tension on the Vocal Cords.
  2. Basic vocalizations using powerful syllables and pure sounds.
  3. Vocalizations using Indian Classical Music Scale (Sa Re Ga Ma...)
  4. Breathwork (Breathing techniques)
  5. Energy Movement and Breath with Concentration (Including a Yoga sequence that works on the 3 important branches of Yoga)
  6. Mantra Singing
  7. Deep Listening Exercises
  8. What is Nāda Yoga and more theories and knowledge around Sound and Vibration
Prices & Schedule
1. This program is comprised of four 1 hr sessions (One meeting per week) at the Kindful Being Studio in Santa Clara, CA. We will create a schedule based on your availability.

2. Make 4 installment payments of $175 or make a full payment of $666 before or on the 1st day session.
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