Self-Healing Sound Courses
Whether you are interested in facilitating your own home sound meditation practice, integrating sound into your practice, or leveraging tools for personal use, I will guide you through this learning process.
About This course
This course is a one-on-one, in person private class with Nell-e. Nell-e’s mission is to empower individuals through harnessing the power of their own sound and vibrations, and using external resources such as healing musical instruments to aid you in your spiritual journey and somatic healing journey. You will be guided and taught, and provided consultations on how to use crystal singing bowls, Tibetan singing bowls, voice and other instruments as a therapeutic tool.
What You’ll Learn
  1. How to purchase high quality instruments
  2. Understanding the science of sound
  3. Learning about music & the brain
  4. Learning about the therapeutic effects of sound/music
  5. How to use musical elements when playing
  6. How to use sound in accordance to the frequencies of your energy centers (Chakras)
  7. How to improvise on the instruments you are interested in using
  8. Learning the mysticism of sound and what different ancient traditions teach us regarding sound and vibration.
  9. How to be one with the instrument
  10. Meditation techniques and breathing techniques to help you dive into deep listening and create mind-body awareness through the sound and vibration.
1. Feel confident playing the sound healing instruments you resonated with.

2. Understand basic music harmony and how to shape a self-healing music experience
Prices & Schedule
  1. This program is comprised of three 1 hr sessions (One meeting per week) at the Kindful Being Studio in Santa Clara, CA. We will create a schedule based on your availability.
  2. Make 3 installment payments of $199 or make a full payment of $596 before or on the 1st day session.
  3. My expertise and guidance in selecting high-quality instruments for your practice and application are free of cost.
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